Infrared Thermal Imaging

When electrical failure is not an option

Having your electrical equipment inspected and tested on a regular basis not only reduces your operating costs and decreases your electrical disruptions; it also increases your productivity and reliability. By implementing the innovative procedures of Ekmark Electric Company's Preventive / Predictive Maintenance Program, you have the opportunity to see the invisible thermal signatures of your electrical system.

This knowledge will allow you to have the ability to see and respond to impending damage BEFORE it occurs. Infrared Thermography with electrical diagnostic reporting

Case Studies

Selected Work

St. Jude's Kay Kafe
St. Jude's Kay Kafe with lighting by Ekmark.


The installation work that Ekmark Electric did was above reproach... it was some of the finest work I've seen. I must say it went much, much better than the previous contractor.

John Knight
Honeywell Project Manager
KGF Lan Systems